“WP Login Control” Premium WordPress Plugin Documentation for version 2.0.0

“WP Login Control”

Created: 01/25/2017
By: Francisco Javier Fortit
Email: support@wplogincontrol.com

Thank you for purchasing my plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Licensing Terms: Please be advised, in order to use the plugin in a legal manner, you need to purchase a separate license for each domain you are going to use the plugin on. A single license is limited to a single domain/application.
For more information please refer to the license included with the plugin or Licensing Terms on the ThemeForest site.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Forms
  3. Menu
  4. Toolboxes
  5. Contextual menu
  6. Cron
  7. CSS Files ans Structure
  8. Sources and Credits

A) Introduction - top

WP Login Control easily customize your WordPress login page in minutes with no coding skills required.
Transform the default log-in page into a professional and unique page that blends nicely with your brand or identity.
Create as many forms as you want and activate them individually, randomly or with cron, you can preview and activate them in the backend.

WP Login Control not only gives style, goes one step further to be a WYSIWYG web Builder, you can create Shortcodes and add new HTML tags, write inside them and style them.

This plugin is Multilingual ready, available translations: English and Spanish.

B) Creating Forms - top

In the area of design we can find four main icons.

Tools - Click this button to open the toolboxes, click again to close, if there is a box that is child of this, it will also be closed.
Images - Click this button to open the picture box, Click again to close.
Save - Click this button to save changes.
Dashboard - Click this button to return to Dashboard, If the changes have not been saved, they are ignored.

D) Toolboxes - top

All the Toolboxes can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the screen, to facilitate the editing of any element.
You can expand or collapse the Toolboxes with the arrow icon.
To close the Toolboxes, click on the cross icon.
To minimize the Toolboxes, click on the underscore icon.

picturebox Toolboxes

We will list all items from left to right and top to bottom.

Remember that before using the different tools you have to select the objects or Tags to modify, by default Background is selected.

TRICK - Remember that you can use CTRL+CLICK to select or deselect more than one object.

E) Contextual menu - top

Right click on any object or Tag and a popup menu will appear with more options.

Contextual menu

TRICK - Remember that you can drag the menu for convenience, the menu automatically appears in the position where it can be fully expanded.

F) Cron - top

With Cron we can program when to activate and deactivate the visibility of any form at a specific date and time.

Shortcodes can also use Cron, for example if we create two banners in two different Shortcodes, we can insert these Shortcodes one after another and will be displayed depending on the cron configuration.

Select "Cron" in the "state" column and press  
Insert the start and end dates, activate the "ON" button and finally click on "save changes".

A countdown will appear indicating:


Remember to put the toggle button to "ON" before saving the changes.

G) CSS Files and Structure - top

When saving a form, two CSS files and are created, the first one is loaded in the login page, the second one is used for the preview in the backend. We can find the CSS files in the directory of the plugin in the "CSS" folder.

CSS Code

H) Sources and Credits - top

Premium Icons used:

Fonts used: